Weed’s Worldwide Impact on the Workplace: The Employer’s Guide to Marijuana in the Workplace, Part Three

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I asked our team of legal experts around the globe to describe the current status of the laws in their respective countries and, in turn, how employers deal with drugs in the workplace. While your company may not be doing business in that country (yet) my quick trip around the world is worth a few minutes of your time. Some countries are dealing with many of the same issues, but others expect changes on the horizon.


While an assortment of illegal grow sites were busted throughout Southeastern Ohio during my youth, the first place I thought of when I heard marijuana was Amsterdam. (Being a child of the 1980s, I also think of the Van Halen song). Regardless of urban legend and folklore, the Netherlands, and more specifically Amsterdam, has not legalized widespread marijuana use- it just may not enforce its laws as stringently as some of its European neighbors. If you are wandering the streets in need of caffeine, just make sure you know what kind of “coffee shop” you wander into during your travels.

The possession of marijuana in consumer quantities (up to 5 grams) will not be prosecuted in the Netherlands. So-called “coffee shops” with a permit are allowed to sell marijuana to consumers in said quantities and with certain restrictions (selling only to adults, no hard drugs, etc.). In the Netherlands, it is impermissible to grow marijuana on a commercial basis, but home growing in small quantities (up to 5 plants) will not be prosecuted.

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