Vermont’s Top Pot Chef Bakes ‘Farm-to-Pharmacy’ Edibles

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Each day, Bridget Conry takes on a food challenge that rivals anything you’ll see on a TV cooking show. Like a celebrity chef, she has to incorporate an unusual ingredient into an appealing and attractive dish. But her tasty edibles are also a powerful medicine for terminal and chronically ill patients, many of whom have severe dietary restrictions and little to no appetites.

“And here’s the funny part,” she says. “I can’t even taste the final product.”

Conry, 43, works as the infused products and wellness director at two of Vermont’s four state-licensed medical marijuana dispensaries: Champlain Valley Dispensary in Burlington and Brattleboro’s Southern Vermont Wellness. Her job is to prepare the foods sold to patients who prefer to ingest their medicinal cannabis orally rather than inhale it. (Many, she says, choose to do both.) Those products include concentrates, tinctures, salves, oils and tea blends, as well as the ever-popular pot-infused brownies and chocolate chip cookies.


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