How We Grow

Consistent, clean, sustainably cultivated cannabis

Our Commitment to Quality

At CeresMED, we believe in clean, sustainably-cultivated cannabis. Our gardens are managed by degreed horticulturists and farmers who have made careers in agriculture, both cannabis and food crops. We grow indoors for year-round production and consistency, using a hydroponic growing method. In the spring and summer months, we boost our production with greenhouse and outdoor crops. We utilize Integrated Pest Management to prevent and eliminate pests and diseases. When necessary, OMRI-certified (Organic Materials Review Institute) products are used to reduce disease pressure during the vegetative stage. This combination of sustainable methods keeps everyone safe; gardeners, consumers, and the environment.

Our Mother Plants

Strong, healthy mother plants are the foundation of our garden. These moms are what provide clones for all of our production and sales. Our mothers are maintained for 6-12 months; we keep the plants short and bushy with special pruning techniques and carefully feed them to promote vibrant clones. We keep multiple mother plants for each cultivar to ensure the future of the genetic line and to fulfill demand.

Become a Vermont Medical Marijuana Patient

To designate us as your dispensary, you must do so through the Vermont Marijuana Registry.