Growing Cannabis: FAQs

Grow you own medical cannabis at home.

Cultivate Your Own

The Rules

Vermont S. 16: Home cultivators can possess 7 immature and two flowering plants at a time. Clones can be purchased through CeresMED, up to 7 per transaction. In addition, patients are allowed to purchase up to 2oz of product per transaction from a dispensary as long as their total possession limit of cannabis does not exceed 2oz.

Tips for Growing at Home

Growing your own medicine can be extremely rewarding – and fun! But how do you go about doing it? Read up on these Seven Tips to Get Started on Your Outdoor Grow and check out our Clone Care Basics to get started today.

What is a Clone and How Much Do They Cost?

Clones are cuttings from the “mother” cannabis plant. Our clones have been rooted in rockwool and potted up in 4” square pots in a sterile growing media. Clones cost $25 each.

What Cultivars Do You Carry?

Check out our menu of genetics, here.

Where Can I Find More Information?

Make sure to visit our Events page, sign up for our monthly newsletter, and stay tuned to our social media. We frequently host educational events – arguably most popular are our cultivation seminars!

I Need More Help!

You are always welcome to send us a message at with questions or find us on social media @ceres_vt. We’re here to help.

Become a Vermont Medical Cannabis Patient

To designate us as your dispensary, you must do so through the Vermont Marijuana Registry.