UPDATED: House snuffs out pot legalization and homegrown proposa

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Proponents of marijuana legalization struck out three times on Tuesday. The House overwhelmingly defeated a proposal from the Senate that would have legalized retail marijuana sales in Vermont by 2018.

The House then rejected a proposal to hold a statewide, non-binding referendum on marijuana legalization during the August primary. In a final blow, lawmakers struck down a potential compromise that would have decriminalized homegrown pot.

The triple defeat effectively kills pot legalization efforts this session, which comes to a close on Saturday. One related bill slightly loosens rules on medical marijuana.

The House has effectively ruled out Vermont becoming the first Legislature in New England to legalize marijuana. Connecticut and Rhode Island legislatures are considering legalization measures this year, and Massachusetts and Maine will have voter referendums.

Tuesday’s votes also mark a defeat for Gov. Peter Shumlin, who proposed in his State of the State address to legalize marijuana and worked with allies in the Senate to pass a bill that would have allowed the state to issue licenses to marijuana cultivators and retailers. It would have prohibited Vermonters from growing their own pot.

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