Universities Don’t Want to Work With DEA on Weed Research

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Although there is a lot of excitement brewing throughout the cannabis community over the recent decision by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration to allow more cultivation operations than the University of Mississippi to manufacture Uncle Sam’s research marijuana, a new report finds that most institutions of higher learning have absolutely no interest in growing marijuana.

According to STAT News, Cornell University, the University of Kentucky, Virginia Tech, Michigan State University, the University of Vermont, and Western Kentucky University have all expressed no interest in getting involved with the government’s cannabis cultivation program. The University of California, Davis, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Colorado State University, Oregon State University, and Purdue University all said the same.

For now, many of these universities appear to be keeping their distance from the possibility of getting into the business of growing weed until they have a better grip on the DEA requirements. After all, the facilities needed to produce marijuana are expensive to build, and nobody really has any idea yet exactly what it is going to take to secure a DEA license.

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