Tom Hardy Is at Home as Hero and Villain in ‘Taboo’

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“I don’t fit into a box,” the actor Tom Hardy said. “It’s not a statement of childish immaturity; I don’t.”

It was easy to believe him. As stars go, Mr. Hardy is less containable than most. On a recent wintry afternoon at the Ritz-Carlton hotel overlooking Central Park, Mr. Hardy’s tattooed biceps only just lodged inside his tight black T-shirt and his legs spilled over the arm of the puffy gold chair where he sat sometimes spooning up chicken soup, sometimes sucking on an e-cigarette. His quick, confounding mind leapt from one association to another at turbocharged speed.

Best known for characters like Bane in “The Dark Knight Rises,” John Fitzgerald in “The Revenant,” Bill Sikes and Heathcliff in the television adaptations of “Oliver Twist” and “Wuthering Heights,” and the title role in “Mad Max: Fury Road,” Mr. Hardy has a particular line on villains who might be heroes, heroes who might be villains and several masked men.


Photo credit: Andrew White for The New York Times

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