There’s a shady alliance fighting to keep marijuana illegal

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Election Day could be a watershed moment for marijuana.

Five states, including Arizona, California, Nevada, Maine, and Massachusetts, will be voting to legalize recreational marijuana on November 8.

According to the latest poll, Americans overwhelmingly favor legalization.

However, there’s still some serious opposition to legal marijuana. And the funding is coming from a number of pharmaceutical companies, prison suppliers, and casino magnates.

“It’s obvious that a growing majority of Americans support legalization, and the only way they have a hope of maintaining prohibition is to put up a bunch of Reefer Madness-inspired ads in an attempt to scare voters, which costs a lot of money,” Tom Angell of the pro-legalization group Marijuana Majority told Business Insider. “But it won’t work.”

Insys Therapeutics, an Arizona-based pharmaceutical company, gave $500,000 to Arizonans for Responsible Drug Policy, one of the most prominent anti-marijuana groups in the state.

Insys recently developed Dronabinol, a synthetic cannabinoid compound intended to reduce the nausea associated with chemotherapy.  While Dronabinol was recently approved by the FDA, Insys said in a recent SEC filing that marijuana legalization could “significantly limit the commercial success of any dronabinol product.”

“If marijuana or non-synthetic cannabinoids were legalized in the United States, the market for dronabinol product sales would likely be significantly reduced and our ability to generate revenue and our business prospects would be materially adversely affected,” the filing said.


Photo credit: REUTERS/Mark Blinch

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