FORBES: States Keep Passing Laws On Marijuana As Anti-Marijuana Leaders Take Over

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The states may be pushing forward with more legalization of marijuana, but Washington, D.C., might be stepping back. The marijuana business community has a mixed outlook regarding how the new administration will address their emerging multimillion-dollar industry. Some say “the genie is out of the bottle and they won’t roll it back,” while others are nervously parsing each political utterance about cannabis.

In Tom Angell’s Marijuana Moment newsletter, he pointed out that during yesterday’s nomination hearing for Jeff Sessions as Attorney General, Elizabeth Warren noted his penchant for “aggressively prosecuting marijuana offenses” before she was silenced. Hawaii Senator Brian Schatz said that he believed Sessions’ views on marijuana were out of the mainstream and suggested that Sessions tell cancer victims that “good people don’t smoke marijuana,” a reference to one of Sessions well-known quotes. Washington Senator Maria Cantwell said Sessions “refused to respect the rights of states” to enact their own marijuana laws.


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Photo credit: AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana

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