Start-Up Plans 3-D Visualizations of Pot Strains, Using Genetic Data

 In Plant Science

SAN FRANCISCO — Think of it as the consumer buying guide of the future.

On Wednesday, Phylos Bioscience, an Oregon biotechnology start-up, will begin offering an online interactive guide that visually portrays the genetic relationships of almost 1,000 types of cannabis, otherwise known as marijuana.

The resulting visualization will offer anyone the ability to easily travel in cyberspace through a three-dimensional projection of the genetic information drawn from sequencing samples of the plant, which is increasingly being legalized for medical and recreational use in states throughout the country.

Known as Galaxy and described as a tool for the visualization of genetic data, the Cannabis Evolution Project is a joint venture between the Oregon company and the American Museum of Natural History in New York. Mowgli Holmes, Phylos’s chief science officer, was a student of Rob DeSalle, a phylogeneticist at the museum.


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