Seven Years of Stories: The Story of Sour Kush

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About Sour Kush

Sour Kush came to us in 2014 as a clone donation by a patient registered with Southern Vermont Wellness in Brattleboro. The rules and regulations of the Vermont Medical Marijuana Registry require us to obtain our genetics solely from registered patients. Back in 2014, registered patients were not allowed to both grow at home and buy finished products from a licensed dispensary. We successfully lobbied our legislature for the right to do both in 2016. We have made clones of many cultivars including Sour Kush available to patients that are registered home growers since we first opened in 2013 – we are firm believers that people should be able to grow their own medicine. 

Sour Kush History

Originally known as Headband, Sour Kush is an indica-dominant cross of OG Kush and Sour Diesel, two classic cultivars. It has a consistently high total theoretical THC content ~over 20% every harvest, and a great terpene profile – both in terms of variety and percentage by weight. So far, of all of the recent flower samples that we have submitted for terpene analysis, our Sour Kush contained the most terpenes. This can vary from sample to sample and harvest to harvest, but it is not surprising that this has been the result; two of the attributes that we know our patients like the most about Sour Kush are its aroma and flavor – both of which are primarily attributable to terpene content.

Sour Kush is also proving to be special because its variety of terpenes has depth. What do we mean by this? The specific terpenes in cannabis flowers that tend to be the most prevalent are the “heavier,“ less volatile (less evaporative) ones. Myrcene and caryophyllene are two good examples. Lighter, more volatile (more evaporative) terpenes tend to make up a smaller percentage of the total. In the case of Sour Kush, some of the lighter terpenes are present in equal or greater concentrations than both myrcene and caryophyllene – most notably, linalool and limonene. It also has significant amounts of humulene and pinene. For a more indepth look, see the Bia Diagnostics COA. All of these terpenes together create not only a wonderful aromatic bouquet, but they are also major contributors to the resulting therapeutic effects. To learn more about the potential therapeutic effects of terpenes visit these previous blog posts on terpenes.

Some fun CVD/SVW history:

*We ran an O.penVAPE magnet design contest back in October 2017. When we first licensed the O.penVAPE line of vape products, we only produced the O.riginal and Reserve formulas. Craft Reserve was not available yet because cannabis distillates were just being developed in legal markets. The packaging for the O.riginal and Reserve formulas included a “collectors” magnet, each with a different design to represent the cultivar. In the beginning, the designs were supplied by O.penVAPE. We put in a request to start creating our own designs for each of our cultivars. This request was approved, and we began by creating a contest for our patients to submit designs for Sour Kush. This design was declared the winner in our December 2017 Dish. The winner received a free cartridge of her choice. We went on to create two more designs internally (Green Mountain and Snow Drop) before O.penVAPE rebranded and the magnets went away. 

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