Roger Stone calls on Trump to back legal marijuana, hits Sessions for ‘outmoded thinking’

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Roger Stone, one of President Donald Trump’s most ardent surrogates, has publicly implored the president to back marijuana legalization—even as he blasted his U.S. attorney general for “outmoded thinking” on pot while quoting Thomas Jefferson and The Bible to justify his position.

In a blog post published on Friday, Stone called on Trump to remain true to sentiments he expressed as a presidential candidate, when he said that pot legalization should be left to the states. In recent days, however, his administration has suggested it would err on the side of stricter enforcement of marijuana laws.

That hasn’t sat well with Trump supporters like Stone, who said the president should “honor his word and keep his promise, irrespective of what his Cabinet members may say.” The Republican added that “there are so many other ways that law enforcement can be put to good use rather than to persecute harmless farmers and shopkeepers who are abiding by state law.”

Stone specifically took aim at Attorney General Jeff Sessions, writing on his website that the former Alabama Senator was “far from the mainstream” in his opposition to marijuana.


Photo by Uriel Sinai
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