Discount Information

Bulk Discounts

“Stocking up” can be an effective strategy for you to ensure access to your preferred cannabis products for symptom relief.

  • Buy 5 vape cartridges, get 1 free
  • Buy 12 of one type of confection, get 15% off*
  • Buy 12 of one type of baked good, get 15% off*
    *Orders must be made one week in advance of the requested appointment by calling customer service. Discount does not apply to cookies as they come in multipacks which are priced at a reduced rate.
  • Buy 5 tinctures or Drops, get 1 free
  • Buy 10 patches, get 1 free | Buy 20, get 3 free | Buy 30, get 6 free
  • Flower: The cost per gram decreases with bulk buying of the same cultivar (strain). For example, you get a 21% decrease in cost when you buy 28 grams vs. 1 gram: ($14.75 per gram, $50 per 3.5 grams, $90 per 7 grams, $165 per 14 grams, & $325 per 28 grams)

Rewards Points Loyalty Program

Earn points each time you place an order. Learn more here.


All Veterans receive 15% off all products. Please be ready to supply us with a copy of your DD214 to be enrolled in our Veterans Program.*

Wellness Wednesdays:

10% off CBD dominant Cannabis products. 20% off hemp-derived CBD products.

Senior Discount Days:

10% off for patients 65 and wiser (2 days/month, every first and third Thursday).


Qualification for Financial Assistance Application

We are offering simplified enrollment criteria based on the State of Vermont’s 3SquaresVT program. You must provide us a copy of your 3SquaresVT qualification along with a new application form to be enrolled in our Discount Program.

Program Benefits:

• Once your application is approved, discounts will be available immediately. 
• Eligible patients will receive a 10% discount on flower and 7.5% discount on infused products, concentrates, and vape.*
• Automatic annual recertification upon renewal of Vermont Marijuana Registration.


*If you are enrolled in the Financial Aid Assistance Program or are a Veteran, you will get the accompanying discount on all eligible products. The FAA & Veteran Discounts can be combined with regular monthly specials and special promotions.

Return Policy

Due to the nature of the products we carry and state regulations, all transactions are final. However, if your products are somehow damaged or you find your order has incorrect items, please contact your designated dispensary so that we can make it right.

O.pen batteries have a lifetime guarantee and you can return them anytime at no charge.

Any cartridge that is visibly leaking, does not connect to a working O.pen battery, or has a faulty Micro device battery will be replaced at no charge under the following conditions:

-Returns must be made within 30 days from the date of purchase.

-We will not accept a cartridge that is more than half empty.

At the time of return, a supervisor will review the product with the customer to assess functionality. A faulty cartridge can be exchanged for the same type of product at an equal value, i.e., a 1000mg Cured Resin cartridge can only be exchanged for a 1000mg Cured Resin. We will allow for changes in the dominance, for instance, replace a Hybrid with an Indica. We will not accept a return for credit towards the purchase of a different product.