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It is that time of year again…Maple Season! The annual running of the sap and the creation of maple syrup in sugar shacks throughout Vermont is a time-honored tradition. Did you know that Vermont produces more maple syrup that any other state in the union? Last year Vermont accounted for over half of all maple syrup produced in the United States! We know that we may be a little biased, but we think that our brave little state also produces the best quality.

Maple syrup is traditionally used as a topping for pancakes, french toast, yogurt and ice cream. In Vermont, when the first syrups are boiling in the shacks, we also like to drizzle it on freshly packed snow. Some or our staff profess to like maple syrup so much that on occasion, they can be witnessed drinking it straight from the bottle. That is a whole other level of maple syrup appreciation!

Our Infusion Kitchen uses organic maple syrup as an ingredient in a few of our recipes, most notably, our trētap sparkling beverages, Maple Lozenges and Dark Chocolate Brownies. We prefer it because it adds a wonderful flavor while being an all natural, unrefined sweetener that can be locally sourced. Maple syrup also contains trace amounts of vitamins and minerals.

Every April we also feature the season’s first syrup in a limited release of Maple Fudge to celebrate the harvest and to honor the 420 cannabis holiday: each package of fudge contains 4 pieces of fudge with 20mg of THC. For experienced cannabis consumers, 1 piece can equal a dose. Micro-dosers can easily create 5mg doses by cutting each piece into quarters.

Much like many other recipes on our menu, our Maple Fudge is made in small batches with the finest local and/or organic ingredients available to us. This is our commitment to you to support your health and well-being. We are very excited to report that this seasonal special is made using 100% Vermont sourced ingredients: Organic maple syrup from Georgia Mountain Maples, Vermont Heavy Cream, Cabot unsalted butter and cannabis extract made from plants grown in our gardens. Watch the video below for a sneak peak on how it’s made.

Our Maple fudge arrives on dispensary shelves today, April 14, in limited quantities. Make your appointment today to receive yours while supplies last.

Making Maple Fudge

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