‘A privilege’: Brattleboro marijuana dispensary open for business

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Southern Vermont Wellness opened Tuesday at 1222 Putney Road. And Executive Director Shayne Lynn, who also directs Burlington’s dispensary, said things have gone smoothly so far in Brattleboro. “We’re excited to be down there and looking forward to serving the local community,” Lynn said. “It feels like a privilege to do this.” State officials last year announced that Brattleboro had been approved for the state’s fourth dispensary, joining facilities in Burlington, Brandon and Montpelier.

“We’ve seen roughly 15 patients so far, and everything’s gone smoothly,” Lynn added Friday. “People are just happy there’s a dispensary in southern Vermont.” He sees potential for growth here. On the state’s marijuana-registry website, there is a map showing that, as of August, Windham County’s number of approved medical-marijuana patients (106) was second only to Chittenden County (146.) Read this entire www.reformer.com article.

There also is potential for expansion due to a bill that has been introduced by Windham County Sen. Jeanette White, a Putney-based Democrat who says the state’s medical-marijuana program has worked well. White’s bill would make changes including removing a statewide registration cap of 1,000 patients; allowing creation of two additional dispensaries; and permitting dispensaries to deliver medical marijuana to homebound patients. Lynn said he has seen a need for the latter provision at his Burlington dispensary, noting that some patients are disabled and have trouble navigating harsh winter weather. Read more. [/message]

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