Powerful Pain Relief without the High

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Medical marijuana has been shown to provide incomparable pain relief for even the most chronic sufferers, but UnitedPatientsGroup.com (formerly Doobons.com) has found many patients are intimidated by its psychotropic effects. The medical marijuana resource website recommends trying the revolutionary new Dixie X hemp-derived CBD products from Medical Marijuana Inc. for pain relief without the psychoactive effects of THC. Read this entire article.

“Our main concern at United Patients Group is the well-being of the patients,” says John Malanca, founder and owner of UnitedPatientsGroup.com. “And we’ve worked with a lot of patients suffering from cancer pain, arthritis pain, anxiety and other conditions that are in desperate need of a pain relief treatment that works, but are too weary of trying medical marijuana because of the possible psychoactive effects. We’re excited to finally be able to give them other options.”” Read more.

Photo Credit: © UnitedPatientsGroup

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