Patrick Kennedy weighs in on marijuana debate

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Former U.S. Rep. Patrick J. Kennedy is urging a Vermont legislative panel not to move forward with a bill, H.170, that would legalize adult possession of limited amounts of marijuana.

Kennedy, son of the late Massachusetts Sen. Ted Kennedy, urged lawmakers in a letter dated March 15 to oppose the bill “so that Vermont children can grow up in healthy environments, and Vermont communities remain safe.”

“Like you, I do not want to see anyone jailed for personal amounts of marijuana or their opportunities in life ruined because of a past personal-use pot conviction,” Kennedy wrote. “However, the amount of marijuana allowed in this bill would not just be for personal use, but allow cultivation of massive amounts of marijuana far beyond the needs of one person.”

Kennedy, who has been a public advocate on issues related to mental health and substance abuse, is an honorary adviser to the national group Smart Approaches to Marijuana.

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