10 Simple Reasons to Purchase Medical Cannabis from a Dispensary

Medical cannabis from a dispensary is held to the highest standards for safety and quality, offers the widest variety of delivery method options, and supports local makers in your community.

1. The product is safe and grown with best practices

Our medical cannabis is grown using natural and sustainable practices in a facility inspected regularly by the Department of Public Safety. Our cultivation team is fully licensed in the application of pesticides through the Vermont Department of Agriculture. We use only OMRI-certified non-toxic products in combination with an advanced Integrated Pest Management program that was developed in conjunction with the State Department of Agriculture, Food and Markets in strict adherence with EPA standards.

2. You know the amount of THC in each infused product

We formulate each infused product for consistent cannabinoid content so that you know exactly what you’re getting and how much to take. These formulations are verified by our in-house Quality Control laboratory through UHPLC analysis.

3. You have access to professional, knowledgeable staff

You deserve professional service from someone who is knowledgeable about medical cannabis. When you purchase from a dispensary, you know you will receive this professional and skillful attention because we work with medical patients exclusively. Whether we’re helping you determine the right dosage or assisting you with paperwork, a dispensary will provide you will the safe, compliant care you expect.

4. Patients pay ZERO tax on medical cannabis products

While regulated recreational cannabis from other states is heavily taxed (and illegal to transport to Vermont), medical cannabis products from a dispensary are not, making them the local, safe and affordable choice.

5. It supports Vermont businesses

When you purchase medical cannabis products from our dispensary, you are supporting a lot of Vermonters! This extends beyond the staff that work directly for the licensed dispensaries, to all of the Vermont businesses that we rely on to create and dispense our artisanal products; farmers, electricians, plumbers, designers, office & garden supply companies, utilities, etc.

6. You get the widest selection products

We offer the greatest range of delivery methods; transdermal, topical, sublingual, edible & options for inhalation. Whether you’re looking for transdermal patches or gel pens, tinctures, delicious, precisely-dosed edibles or performance vape cartridges with a lifetime warranty on batteries – we believe you deserve safe, quality products for reliable and accurate dosing. We continually are researching and developing new products so that our patients can have more options in their search for symptom relief. Alongside new product lines, we periodically offer specials that reflect both the requests we get from our patients as well as the trends in the wider medical cannabis industry. Effective specials become stock items over time.

7. Online Ordering and Curbside Pickup

Your life is busy. We want to make the purchase of your medical cannabis quick and easy. Orders can be placed online and paid for at the time of pickup using AeroPay’s bank-to-bank transfer. You will receive a text when your order is ready and our staff will deliver it to you curbside when you arrive at our dispensaries. Our location in Brattleboro has the added convenience of a drive-thru window, the first of its kind in the Northeast.

8. We provide home delivery, discounts + coupons

Medical patients have unique needs, unlike the recreational market. We know that in a rural area it can be difficult to get around – and it’s even harder when you’re sick. That’s why we deliver directly to your home, within designated areas, for just $5. We also offer discounts for Veterans and those that demonstrate financial need, and a rewards program – you get points for every dispensary purchase that add up to get you coupons for free or discounted product.

9. You can purchase clones for growing at home

We have always supported those patients that choose to grow at home. Since our inception, we have consistently provided home cultivators with a rotating selection of quality clones. Home delivery is available on clone purchases.

10. You are protected by Vermont state law to possess and consume 2oz of medical cannabis

As a registered patient, you are legally allowed to purchase and consume 2oz of medical cannabis per transaction. It is illegal to transport cannabis purchased from a regulated adult-use market in another state or country into Vermont. It can result in fines or criminal penalties. Stay safe. Stay legal. Purchase from your trusted Vermont medical dispensary.

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