THE NEW YORK TIMES: Lava Fire Hose in Hawaii Returns for an Encore

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Lava lovers, rejoice. A Hawaiian fire hose of lava that gushed for a whole month, and then seemed to disappear last week, has become visible again as it deposits even more liquefied rock into the ocean.

From an exposed tube in a sea cliff of a volcano near the island of Hawaii, hundreds of millions of gallons of lava have been streaming into the Pacific. The lava continues to cause explosive reactions with a superheated cloud of hydrochloric acid when it reaches the water. And there is still no sign of the formation of a delta that would stop the flow of lava.

The flow has a name — 61g — and from behind a cloud of steam, it continued to stream into the sea after the cliff partly collapsed on Thursday. Two days later, visitors on a tour boat exalted in the return of the show’s fluorescent violence.


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Photo credit: U.S. Geological Survey, via Associated Press

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