New York mom joins fight for medical marijuana

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BUFFALO, NY – Wendy Conte thinks she has found something that could enable her daughter, Anna, to live without a tube constantly feeding drugs into her belly in hopes of staving off the severe seizures that have plagued her nearly the entire 8½ years of her life. The solution that the Orchard Park mom points to is medical marijuana. Conte is among a growing number of people advocating for the State Legislature and Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo to legalize its use in New York.
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Public opinion in New York is tilting strongly in favor of legalization. Two polls this year, one by the Siena Research Institute and one by Quinnipiac, found that at least 70 percent of people in New York State support the medical use of marijuana. What supporters say may be more likely to influence legislative votes, though, is a poll commissioned by the Republicans in April, surveying voters in every Senate district in the state with a Republican incumbent. The poll found that 76 percent of people in those districts support the medical use of marijuana if recommended by a doctor.

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