The Mind Field: Alternative Routes of Recovery, Medical Marijuana

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The American Legion passed more than 300 resolutions at the 98th National Convention in Cincinnati last August, but one drew more attention than others.

The Legion’s TBI/PTSD Committee, led by Past National Commander William Detweiler, proposed a resolution through the Convention Committee on Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation supporting research of medical marijuana as an alternative treatment for veterans suffering from combat-related mental health disorders.

“Our veterans deserve the best medical care that we can offer,” Detweiler said. “We believe that funding additional medical research in this field will provide another tool in the physician’s toolbox for the treatment of TBI and PTSD.”

According to the resolution, the Legion “urges the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) to license privately funded medical marijuana production operations in the United States to enable safe and efficient cannabis drug development research.” It also calls on Congress to amend legislation “to remove marijuana from Schedule I and reclassify in a category that, at a minimum, will recognize cannabis as a drug with potential medical value.”

Schedule I drugs – which include heroin, LSD and marijuana – are considered by the DEA to have no medical benefits and strong potential for abuse. Thus, by changing the category, marijuana could be studied by scientists for its healing properties and not solely for negative effects.


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