In a Milestone Vote, ASTM Welcomes the Cannabis Industry

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The Board of Directors for the American Society for Testing and Materials voted to allow ASTM to oversee the creation of industry wide standards in all aspects of cannabis production, processing, testing, and sales.

In the absence of federal regulations, ASTM standards could build in a new level of industry certainty and consumer assurance.

In most medical marijuana states today, the cannabis available to patients exists in an environment not unlike most medicine in the days before the federal Pure Food & Drug Act. In other words, industrywide standards around quality control don’t really exist.

Here’s one illustration. A 2015 survey of medical cannabis products from California and Washington state published in JAMA, the Journal of the American Medical Association, found that only 17% of the products tested were accurately labeled for THC content. Most products—60%—were over-labeled (contained less THC than advertised).


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