Meet Amy Bacon: Infusion Kitchen & Processing Manager

 In Edibles, Medical Marijuana

This month as part of our Staff Profile Series, we sat down with Amy to discuss her career in food and cannabis. Amy is a native of Colchester, VT and is a graduate of the University of Vermont. She has been managing the Infusion Kitchen for CVD since the beginning of 2015 and this year, has taken on the added responsibilities of managing the Processing Team, which includes harvest and packaging. We are grateful for the excellent work she does everyday providing consistent, compliant (and in the case of edibles, delicious) infused cannabis products for registered patients in Vermont!

Career Path:

Since high school, I have worked in the food Industry.  I love the energy around food—witnessing reactions to enjoyable food experiences. I have worked as a food busser, waitress, caterer, line-cook, and private chef. I graduated from the California Culinary Academy, in San Francisco in 1998. After culinary school, I was lucky enough to work at Chez Panisse in Berkeley, CA for one of my culinary heroes, Alice Waters.  Her commitment and dedication for over four decades as a champion of delicious, locally sustainable agriculture is a force that runs through my daily cooking.

Food Philosophy:

Something I learned from Alice Waters and my mother: Strive for both environmental harmony and delicious flavors.

Ingredients for successful creations:

1.  Use only sustainable/fair ingredients—be kind to the planet and support local farmers.

2.  Cook with love and passion.

3.  Eat with loved ones.

Favorite Food Moment:

Daily staff meals at Chez Panisse with a cold glass of rosé.

Celebrity Chef Moment:

After college, I worked for an Adult Education Center in Cambridge, MA where we offered many classes and lectures about food.  We were able to get Julia Child to speak at the school and my job was to pick her up at her home in Cambridge and drive her to the lecture. 20 minutes alone with one of my culinary heroes!  What a gift!

Why I chose to work in the cannabis industry:

My favorite aspect about cooking is that it nourishes and nurtures.  Food is truly medicinal mentally and physically.  To know that what we create in the infusion kitchen is helping patients function in their daily lives by relieving pain and providing symptom relief is very meaningful to me. I love patient feedback.  My greatest moments are when I hear from a patient that a 5mg caramel helps them sleep through the night without pain, or that half of an 80mg ginger molasses cookies gets them thru their chemotherapy appointment, or that they are able to get outside and hike again because 2 doses a day of the 1:1 tincture has helped with their chronic knee pain and inflammation. These stories keep me creating!

Tip for the Home Cannabis Cook: 

Experimentation, trial, and error are all a part of the craft when making quality cannabis edibles. It took me months to successfully make lozenges.  I finally realized that a humidity controlled room could solve my sticky candy issues. My tip: Always test recipes multiple times before adding medicine. Dial in flavor and technique before you end up with an expensive, tasteless mistake!

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