Medical marijuana patch fights pain

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It’s the newest delivery method for medical marijuana– a patch that can fight pain for up to 12 hours.

Kalee Hooghkirk used one to treat a flare-up of Crohn’s disease.

“It almost kind of muted the effects and all of a sudden my symptoms kind of dissipated,” she said.

Hooghkirk, who also works at a licensed cannabis dispensary, used the medicinal patch which delivers THC but says a CBD version offers the same relief, without the high.

“This is really what’s revolutionary about the cannabis industry right now, is providing relief for patients but allowing them to continue their day without being altered at all,” Hooghkirk said.

Dr. Leslie Mendoza Temple is the former chair of the Medical Cannabis Advisory Board. She says it’s about flexibility.

“The expansion of product or the ways that we can ingest or put through our skin or inhale is huge,” Mendoza Temple said.

And the patch can target specific areas. Mendoza Temple says her patients found great relief.

“It was significantly helpful– like a 180,” she said.

A year into the state pilot program, there are now salves, sprays and more. Mendoza Temple says while they don’t work for everyone, they’re great alternatives to addictive painkillers.

“Reducing the amount of opioids and benzodiazepines that our patients are taking– if we can reduce that, we’ve reduced harm and we’ve increased relief,” Mendoza Temple said. “Don’t see why this isn’t part of every physician’s pain regimen plan.”

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