Mass. marijuana law changes “tone” at Conn. Capitol

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HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — As of Thursday, it is now legal in Massachusetts to possess and use and grow marijuana in your home. A Connecticut lawmaker that has been pushing for this here says now is a golden opportunity for the Nutmeg State.

Connecticut has four licensed medical marijuana growing facilities and eight licensed dispensaries. Their robust business in medical marijuana products could explode if a recreational marijuana law comes to Connecticut.

New Haven Democratic State Rep. Juan Candelaria has attempted to introduce a recreational marijuana law here for the past two years, but never even got a public hearing.

“The tone has changed since Massachusetts have passed their referendum,” said Candelaria. “So I think it is an opportunity (for) Connecticut to move forward with this legislation.”

While it is now legal to purchase and use marijuana in Massachusetts, it won’t be legal to sell it for another twelve months.

“If we really want to tackle the issue I think we can have legalization ready to go by the end of the fiscal year,” said Candelaria.

And the end of this fiscal year is when the state is in serious need of a serious influx of cash. One estimate says recreational marijuana could raise $50 million in tax revenue the first year.


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