Marijuana by the Washington Monument

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You may soon be able to gaze at the Washington Monument with marijuana in your pocket, risking nothing more than a small fine.

The District of Columbia mayor, Vincent Gray, on Monday signed a bill decriminalizing possession of the drug up to one ounce. Formerly possession was a misdemeanor carrying up to six months in jail and a $1000 fine; if the new law passes Congressional review, D.C. will treat possession as a civil offense subject to a $25 fine—less than most parking tickets (and far less than an ounce of weed)—and forfeiture of your marijuana.

D.C. is not really breaking new ground here: Sixteen states have passed laws decriminalizing possession, treating it like a traffic violation. (That list includes Colorado, where it is now legal to sell, buy and consume marijuana).

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Photo Credit: J. David Ake/Associated Press
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