Could marijuana compound CBD help NFL players with pain?

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Tennessee Titans linebacker Derrick Morgan has earned his living with brutal hits on the football field. But the husband and father of two would like to prevent those hits from haunting him in the future.

“I love the game. Don’t get me wrong. But we didn’t know at the time what the inherent risks were,” Morgan said.

Doctors have linked the chronic, degenerative brain disease known as CTE to repeated head trauma. Morgan has been following reports that cannabidiol, or CBD, may be able to help.

CBD is a compound that comes from the marijuana plant. It contains so little THC, the psychoactive component of pot, its manufacturers claim it technically doesn’t even qualify as marijuana under federal law, reports CBS News’ Dana Jacobson.

It’s helped control seizures among some children with epilepsy, but we don’t know if it can help protect athletes’ brains from traumatic injuries.

“What about what you were learning said to you, ‘This may be a viable option?’” Jacobson asked.

“For me, it was the neuroprotectant qualities of it,” Morgan said. “It’s not about getting stoned. It’s not about, you know, guys getting high and abusing it. It’s about the medicine behind it.”



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