MARIJUANA: Cannabis Use for Pediatric Cancers

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There is a tremendous amount of interest in the use of cannabis to treat cancer.  Over the past two decades, hundreds of studies have investigated the antitumor properties of cannabinoids with promising results. Unfortunately, we are lacking critical human research that answers the questions of which specific cancers respond to cannabis, which cannabinoids to use, what dose to use and what duration of treatment is needed to achieve survivorship.

As a pediatrician who also specializes in medical cannabis treatment, I am often asked to see children who are suffering with advanced cancers.  Parents seek cannabis medicine to help their children with relief of symptoms from the adverse side effects of chemotherapy and radiation. In some cases, having been told the cancer treatment is not working, parents are desperate to find a cure.  I teach parents what we know and what we don’t know about cannabis use in cancer patients and in children, knowing that they must have the data to make an informed decision.


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