MARIJUANA BUSINESS DAILY: Recreational marijuana states undeterred by hints of federal crackdown

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Despite ominous overtones from the White House, the eight states that have legalized recreational cannabis are proceeding full-bore, whether it’s with running their existing programs or preparing to launch new ones.

Governors and attorneys general responded in unison: They’ll honor voters’ wishes and conduct business as usual while awaiting specific policies.

The cannabis industry’s future was called into question Thursday when President Donald Trump’s press secretary, Sean Spicer, said “greater enforcement” could be on the horizon for recreational marijuana. He indicated that medical cannabis likely would be immune from any potential crackdown.

Though Spicer said it’s a Department of Justice decision whether to take action against the adult-use cannabis market, a DOJ spokesperson said the agency had no comment on the issue.

Regardless, Spicer’s comments – the first by the Trump administration on state-legal cannabis markets – were enough to get those in the industry as well as elected officials talking about how the federal government might approach rec businesses.


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