Leonard Marshall: A Giant in the World of Medicinal Marijuana

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While active NFL players are not allowed to use marijuana as a form of medical treatment, former players are free to treat their aches and pains with the plant where it’s legal, and more and more are beginning to do so. Two-time Pro Bowler Leonard Marshall recently joined the campaign for medical marijuana use for pain management among athletes. Marshall, a former defensive end who spent 10 of his 12 seasons with the Giants, uses a hemp oil product derived from the marijuana plant to treat symptoms he believes is related to head trauma suffered during his playing career. But he’s not in it for the high. The hemp oil is a Cannabidiol (CBD) which doesn’t contain the second main ingredient in marijuana, THC, the component that floats you off to your happy place.

In 2014, Marshall, now 54, was part of the first study that set out to diagnose signs of chronic traumatic encephalopathy in living people; he was diagnosed to have signs of CTE. Since then, he has tried many different medications but says that CBD products have given him the most relief from the headaches and mood swings that regularly interrupt his daily life. Though for Marshall, it’s more than just an effective remedy; the self-described “serial entrepreneur” knows a lucrative business opportunity when he sees one. Marshall spoke to The MMQB about how eight droplets of oil each day have changed his life.

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