Legalization’s Biggest Foes

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The marijuana legalization initiatives that triumphed in Washington and Colorado this past fall faced surprisingly little organized opposition… So what happens now? The biggest immediate threat to legalization in Washington and Colorado is the federal government, but even the feds might be hard-pressed to stomp out reform. Read this entire RollingStone article.

Before marijuana legalization spreads from Washington and Colorado to other states, it will have to get past a group of hardened drug warriors, many of whom have developed a personal interest in maintaining prohibition. While most of these ideologues lack the authority to actually change laws, their larger purpose is to maintain the marijuana propaganda machine and push back against pro-legalization rhetoric. Here are the top five people threatening to halt the state-by-state legalization domino effect that many pot activists hope is coming soon. Read more.

Photo Credit: © David Frum/Getty Images, Nicholas Kamm/Getty Images, Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

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