Before Legalization, Scott Wants A Driver Impairment Test That Doesn’t Exist Yet

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Gov. Phil Scott says he wants lawmakers to pass a marijuana driver impairment law before they consider a legalization bill. But transportation officials say the kind of test that Scott wants to use doesn’t exist at this time.

As one House committee considers a bill to legalize marijuana and another one looks at plan to enact new marijuana driver impairment standards, Scott is sending a clear message to the entire House.

“I believe that we should be determining level of impairment first, before we legalize,” he says.

The House Transportation committee is drafting a bill that would create a new level of driver impairment.

Currently, a driver is considered to be impaired if their blood alcohol level is .08 percent or higher. This bill would lower the limit to .05 percent if there was any trace of marijuana in the driver’s system.

“So if you were to be stopped for erratic driving and you tested at .05 for alcohol with the presence of THC in your system, no specific level, then you would be deemed to be impaired,” says Colchester Rep. Pat Brennan, the chairman of the committee.


Photo: Angela Evancie / VPR file

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