Leafly Investigation: Is Washington’s Top Cannabis Lab Inflating THC Numbers?

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The Cannabis Laboratory Association’s data analysis of 2016 testing results showed a significant discrepancy between the results of potency tests conducted by Peak Analytics and potency tests carried out by the state’s next five largest labs. On average, Peak’s flower samples clocked in at about five percentage points more THC than its competitors.

“These data indicate that Peak Analytics is producing data for flower well outside what should be considered industry wide normative outcomes,” the complaint reads. In other words, the flower across Washington’s cannabis market simply shouldn’t yield those results.

“Traceability data demonstrate that this over-reporting is consistent through time and across grow spaces,” the complaint continues. “The data depicted in the graph represent tens of thousands of samples.”

If the lab has been artificially inflating THC content in its reports, then customers purchasing cannabis produced by the lab’s clients may have gotten less than they paid for.

The complaint also includes three other items of evidence alleging that Peak has been producing untrustworthy results:

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