LEAFLY: 9 Reasons Israel Is the Capital of Cannabis Research

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Widely seen as a leader in medical cannabis research and development, an Israeli government committee last weekend approved a plan that would allow medical marijuana companies to export products internationally. The legislation could take months to make its way through the Knesset, but it’s already stoking industry and investor interest.

Currently just nine licensed suppliers provide cannabis to Israel’s roughly 26,000 registered patients, creating a modest domestic market of about $15 million to $20 million. But despite its small size, Israel has drawn an estimated $100 million dollars in international investment, according to the research group iCAN. It’s now home to dozens of companies that specialize in everything from cannabis cultivation to clinical inhalers.

Why Israel? There are at least nine good reasons why the tiny country of 8 million people is filling the void left by other major powers. If you’re an American interested in cannabis research, technology, or entrepreneurship, these explanations should make you question (and fight) the policies that have allowed the United States and others to fall behind.


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Photo credit: AP Photo/Dan Balilty

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