Is the Argument for Recreational Marijuana Hurting the Fight for Medical Marijuana?

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The momentum toward the legalization of marijuana is actually hurting patients in states with legalized medical marijuana. It’s also hurting medical marijuana campaigns in states with no marijuana legislation on the books.

We know that three states and Washington D.C. have legalized marijuana recreationally. The momentum is expected to continue. 2016 will be a big year for marijuana in general, as many states including California have initiatives on the ballot. But there is an unlikely dichotomy developing between medical and recreational legalization; potential changes to marijuana laws have patients unsure if they agree with recreational pot.

Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Missouri and Montana are trying, via the legislature or constitutional amendments, to pass recreational before being able to successfully pass medical marijuana.  It would be a drastic transformation for those states to go from practically full lockdown to allowing everyone of age the ability to possess. These are all conservative states and one has to wonder if they are going to go all the way toward legalization – doubtful. In the meantime, patients who could use marijuana to lessen pain from a number of maladies can do nothing but wait (or use it illegally). And if those states turn it down, won’t that set back the adoption of medical marijuana even further?


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