Hydroponics for Home Gardeners at UVM

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Our friends at UVM are offering a great summer course for home gardeners, take a look!

Course Concept

The course introduces the home gardener to hydroponic horticulture with an emphasis on vegetable and herb production. During June 15th -18th, students will prepare for both lecture and lab with readings and assignments to familiarize themselves with fundamental plant science processes. On June 22nd to July 2nd, students will meet on campus. The morning will be split between lecture and lab sessions with one or two field trips. Students will learn basic hydroponic cultural practices for small scale systems.   Topics include plant development, environmental conditions and control, water quality, irrigation practices, nutrient formulations, integrated pest management, crop planning, harvest and storage. Students will learn how to set-up, operate and troubleshoot hydroponic systems. Lab demonstrations and techniques will use small-scale, indoor tomato, lettuce and basil hydroponic systems. Hydroponic cultivation for individual medical purposes is one component of production discussions. During the final week, July 6 – 9th, students will complete their individual hydroponic design project which will be due on or before July 9th.

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