How to Roll a Joint

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After he sold his cable-­television firm for $18 million in 1999, Bruce Nassau was a wealthy man looking for a new industry. He wanted to invest in a product with broad consumer appeal. Eventually, he settled on marijuana. “I’m an old guy in this business,” says Nassau, 62, the chief executive of Tru Cannabis, a company with five marijuana dispensaries in the Denver area and plans to expand within Colorado and to four other states. Last year, the company’s sales reached $10 million.

Nassau started smoking joints as a teenager in Chicago, and he figured he knew the ins and outs of weed consumption. But joints, it turned out, were a bit old-­fashioned — the meatloaf of marijuana — and young people had all sorts of newfangled ways to ingest the stuff. Chief among them are “dabbing” (a means of inhaling smoke from resinous hash oil) and “vaping” (heating marijuana and breathing in vapor rather than smoke, often done with so-­called vape pens). When more youthful smokers did roll joints, they tended to roll unfamiliarly large ones, often in cigar wrappers, and call them blunts. “I had to learn a whole new vocabulary,” Nassau says.


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