We have been advocating for cannabis reform since our inception.

That’s why we jumped at the opportunity to host an event for the Vermont Cannabis Trades Association on January 23rd. Here is some food for thought: What if there was no longer a medical cannabis program in Vermont? Some might think there will be no need for one if Vermont has a recreational market. Well, there are provisions in S.54 (the bill for recreational-use cannabis) that could greatly affect Vermont Marijuana Registry (VMR) patients and caregivers if the medical cannabis program were to no longer exist…

The points made in the above clip were pretty great, don’t you think? Our plan is to share video like this one with folks at the statehouse. Join us on January 23rd and you’ll have the opportunity to record a message of your own. We’ll make sure lawmakers see yours, too.

Medical Cannabis & the Future of the VMR:
Make Your Voice Heard at the Statehouse

Thursday, January 23rd  |  5:30pm – 7:30pm
Ceres Flagship Store, 190 College Street, Burlington


Can’t make it that day? We’ll be doing an additional recording day on
Saturday the 25th from 12pm-2pm at Ceres. Walk-ins welcome. You must present your VMR ID.
Can’t come because you are in Southern Vermont? Or, are you interested, but not a VMR registrant? Let us know! Please click here.

Here are some ways that medical cannabis patients could be affected if there were no longer a medical program:

In a recreational market, packaged cannabis products containing more than 100mg of THC may not be permitted, except for topical preparation or other non-consumable products. The following products are likely to be prohibited from being sold:

  • Cannabis flower with >30% THC
  • Solid concentrate cannabis products with >60% THC
  • Oil cannabis products except for those that are sold prepackaged for use with battery powered devices
  • Cannabis products that contain THC and nicotine or alcoholic beverages

As we have seen in other states, there will be strong demand for cannabis products. Long lines, extended wait times and product shortages are likely

While medical cannabis dispensaries are required to provide handicap parking, there may not be guaranteed handicap parking at all recreational dispensary locations

Carefully formulated custom products, such as those for pediatric use, may not be permitted

Recreational dispensaries may not be required to offer the same level of privacy to their customers as medical dispensaries do for registered patients and caregivers. The personal relationships with dispensary staff made possible by the intimate medical dispensary environment will likely not exist in a recreational dispensary

Recreational cannabis would be subject to tax. The product sold under the medical cannabis program is tax-free

Delivery services may not be permitted in a recreational market

Recreational dispensaries may not be required to provide a sliding scale fee system

Medical dispensaries have years of experience with growing medical cannabis, production of cannabis-infused products, quality assurance, and service exclusively to medical patients


The relationship between patients, their healthcare providers, and the medical dispensary staff offers a consultative benefit that is imperative for safe use of medical cannabis. This may be difficult to establish and maintain through recreational budtenders

Phew! That was a lot to take in. We believe the points above deserve serious consideration – and we’re guessing you might have some opinions, too. That’s good! The voices of our patients and their caregivers are essential to the development of a well functioning VMR – and they need to be heard. It is imperative that we work together to communicate our shared experiences and concerns this legislative session so that registered patients, caregivers, and would-be registrants can have easier access to safe, effective, and affordable medicinal cannabis.

Patients and caregivers, please join us and make your voices heard on January 23rd – it will be your opportunity to let the folks at the statehouse know how you feel.