Governor Christie Amends Medical Marijuana Restrictions

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Mr. Christie would allow medical marijuana dispensaries to provide edible marijuana, but only for children. Parents say the edible product provides the benefits but not the high of marijuana, and makes it easier to treat children who are too impaired to smoke. Mr. Christie also eliminated a part of the law that limits to three the number of strains of marijuana that dispensaries can cultivate. Read this entire article

[message type=”custom” width=”100%” color=”#CCCCCC” border=”#C9C9C9″ color=”#333333″]Mr. Christie said he was “acting with the belief that parents, and not government regulators, are best suited to decide how to care for their children” — a line that could signal reassurance to conservative voters, who may dislike medical marijuana but dislike government control even more, especially when it comes to how they raise their children. Read more. [/message]

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