Formula Feature: Craft Reserve

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Early on in our development as a company, we decided to form strategic partnerships with national cannabis brands. It was a move which served to accelerate our ability to bring a more complete range of consumption methods to patients in Vermont. Transdermal and vape technologies were foremost in our minds. We on-boarded Mary’s Medicinals in 2014 and Organa Brands in 2015. Both remain our valued partners.

We continue to license the intellectual property of each company, along with the technology, packaging and ingredients needed for manufacturing in-state. All of the cannabis that goes into these products is grown, extracted and refined in our Vermont production facilities.

We began with two O.penVAPE product lines, the O.riginal and Reserve formulas. In 2017, Organa launched the Craft Reserve Formula and we were quick to follow suit; we saw the need for a pure, potent, strain specific distillate formula that incorporated strain specific cannabis terpenes, ensuring that patients can enjoy the most authentic vape experience possible. Our hunch was correct. Since launch, our 1 gram Craft Reserve cartridges have consistently topped the weekly sales list.

What makes these cartridges so effective and popular with our registered patients? Quality from start to finish.

We begin with top quality flower. Most vape formulas use trim or other byproduct to create the oils. Using flower provides the fullest spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes. First we extract the raw flower on low temperature/high pressure settings to preserve and capture the terpenes. Then we run the same batch of flower on supercritical settings to collect the cannabinoids. Both the terpene and cannabinoid extracts are put through numerous refinement procedures (winterization, roto-evaporation, carbon filter polishing and short path distillation) to both purify and concentrate. We then combine the refined extracts back together, 87% cannabinoid distillate and 13% Terpene extract, and voila! — Craft Reserve is born.

Due to all of the extraction and refinement steps that are necessary to produce this potent and flavorful formula, a lot of flowers are needed to create it and keep it in stock. On average, over 10 grams of high quality flower are needed to create a single 1 gram cartridge! That’s right… 10 grams. 10 grams of flower typically costs over $125. At $90, the 1 gram Craft Reserve cartridge becomes a great value.

We appreciate your patience as we ramp up production to meet the demand for these products. Our goal is to keep strain variety across all dominances (Indica, Sativa and Hybrid) available at all times. Much of our newly expanded greenhouse and outdoor cultivation capacity will be dedicated to this supply chain. It is exciting to note that a portion of our Sun Grown plants are being grown using all organic inputs and practices. That means that our Craft Formula is about to be even further improved by the addition of Sun Grown, organically raised flowers. Now that is something to look forward to!

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