Former NBA All-Star Says Teammates “Played Better” on Cannabis

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Recently a number of athletes and members of the sports community came forward to discuss their use of cannabis in one way or another. Most recently five-time NBA all-star Chauncey Billups has spoken up about cannabis use in the NBA.

Golden State Warrior coach, Steve Kerr’s recent admission of trying cannabis to treat his back pain may have given others the courage to come forward. Billups discussed the matter on NBA Countdown when the idea of using cannabis to treat pain came up. Billups feels that players should be able to treat their ailments with cannabis without fear of punishment from the league.

Billups followed up the notion by claiming that he preferred when certain teammates played while under the influence of cannabis because it calmed their nerves and helped alleviate the overwhelming pressure to perform at such a high level.

“I honestly played with players, I’m not going to name names . . . I wanted them to smoke,” he said. “They played better like that.”

Billups is hardly the first person to admit to his teammates’ cannabis use in the NBA. In 2001 Charles Oakley claimed that 60 percent of the league was using cannabis.



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