FORBES: Five Things Donald Trump Should Know Before He Shuts Down The Legal Marijuana Industry

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Marijuana, like alcohol, can be regulated, taxed and used in moderation by adults who choose it, like a glass of wine with dinner.  The burgeoning legal cannabis industry wants Donald Trump to know five critical benefits to marijuana legalization.

  1.  Law and Order: Legalizing marijuana reduces the criminal activity of drug cartels and gangs, and reduces court, prison and police spending.
  2.  Public Health: Marijuana is safer in states where it has been legalized because it is tested, appropriately labeled, and packaged in child-proof containers.
  3.  Reduced Addiction: Marijuana is not a gateway to opiate use, it is an Off-ramp. Many prefer switching to marijuana for pain relief because it has fewer side effects than opioids and is not addictive. Marijuana is NOT a killer – it does not bind to respiratory cells, so an overdose does not stop a person from breathing. Opioids do bind to respiratory cells and overdoses do kill.
  4.  Fiscal Health: Taxing marijuana already produces hundreds of millions of dollars in tax revenue.
  5.  Job Creation: More than 100,000 have been employed so far. In Washington State, cannabis is now the 3rd largest cash crop.

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