Flying High: TSA Rules for Pot Relax This Holiday Season

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This Christmas, 5.8 million Americans will fly to their holiday celebrations, according to AAA’s 2015 travel report. Many of those travelers will either fly to or from an airport in one of the 27 states with recreational or medical marijuana. In fact, the fourth most popular U.S. destination for Christmas, Orbitz reports, is Denver, Colorado — where adult-use marijuana has been available for legal purchase since January 2014. While fear of x-ray scanners, pat downs and drug-sniffing dogs may keep you from carrying your stress-relief stash or festive edibles past security, a new cannabis-friendly attitude from the TSA might make flying with weed safer this holiday season.

The TSA’s website declares that, because they fall under federal jurisdiction, local laws about marijuana are “not relevant to TSA screening.” However, a TSA media representative told Cannabis Now that passengers traveling with marijuana are “not really a security concern for the TSA,” as their “primary focus is to prevent terrorist activity.”


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