First Marijuana Bill Already Introduced In New Congress

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If the just-concluded 114th Congress is any indication, there are likely to be a huge number of bills introduced in the new 115th Congress aimed at reforming various aspects of federal marijuana policy, from reducing interference with state laws to allowing the use of banking services by marijuana businesses to providing medical cannabis access for military veterans.

Throughout 2015 and 2016, at least 22 House bills concerning cannabis were introduced, and the Senate considered at least 10 pieces of standalone legislation on the topic. That’s in addition to a sizable number of marijuana-related amendments that lawmakers sought to attach to broader bills, sometimes with success.

The new Congress only just convened on Tuesday, and legislation to reform federal cannabis policies has already been introduced.

Congresswoman Barbara Lee of California and Earl Blumenauer of Oregon, both Democrats, dropped a bill on Thursday to exempt businesses that are acting in accordance with state medical marijuana policies from being subject to federal asset forfeiture laws.

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