Everything you need to know about marijuana edibles

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Xeni Jardin interviews cannabis expert Lisa Marks, a pseudonym that will be lifted when prohibition is lifted. The worst-case scenario is you have to watch a Pixar movie and take a nap.

Stories of people who accidentally ingest too high a dose from pot brownies are funny when they’re happening to others, but not when they’re happening to you. How do you avoid becoming a cannabis “cookie casualty” like Maureen Dowd?

Understand that cannabis is a psychoactive drug. Develop a basic understanding how cannabis works. Determine the dose of cannabis that will produce the desired outcome, whether medicinally or recreationally. Just because cannabis overdose doesn’t kill people, does not mean it can be consumed without reasonable attention to dose. An oral cannabis overdose can be terrifying. Lack of understanding about how cannabis works and not paying attention to dose (clearly printed on the labels of Colorado edibles such as Dowd consumed) made Maureen Dowd’s experience with cannabis edibles unpleasant. Many side effects from cannabis are dose-dependent.

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