Ending War on Drugs not Obama’s Priority

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Contrary to an unsourced report published before the election, President Obama won’t be “tackling” the drug war in his second term.  Read this entire Reason.com article.

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Even if Obama does do something with the drug war—say, expands the federal drug court pilot program from three jurisdications to nationwide, or allows convicted drug offenders to borrow federally guaranteed funds for college—that’s not the same as “tackling” the drug war. Not when you consider how complex Obamacare is, and the thousands of hours that went into crafting and debating and negotiating that legislation. Anything short of a major overhaul of the Controlled Substances Act, asset forfeiture policies, and our massive prison system simply doesn’t count as a tackle. Read more. [/message]

Photo Credit: © David McNew/Getty Images

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