Editorial: Marijuana legalization can wait

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Legalization of marijuana seems all but inevitable for Vermont, with the biggest questions now before lawmakers being how and when. Lingering issues about the former means the only responsible answer to the latter is: not yet.

The marijuana debate in Vermont is moving in the right direction, the focus now mostly on the details of implementing legalization and trying to anticipate possible consequences.

The decision by the Senate to initially prohibit edibles and oils, as well as a provision calling for a study on allowing Vermonters to grow small amounts of marijuana on their own, reflects a cautious approach.

The state must find ways to ensure a safe supply, as well as deal with driving under the influence and impact on workplaces. Limiting access to children, especially, is a concern in a state that already reports high usage among 12-to-17-year-olds.

Lawmakers must also consider how legalization might affect the larger market for illicit drugs.

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