Dear Cannabis, A Love Letter from CeresMED:

 In A Message from Bridget

Image: Cannabis Mandala made of scanned images of leaf and flower.

Dear Cannabis,

We have been fascinated by you for as long as we can remember. Then, ten years ago, we worked up the courage to ask you out, and love quickly found us engaged. We wanted to fight for you and delight in you, legally, for the first time in our lives. Not just for the benefit of our souls but the health and wellbeing of our community.

It has not been an easy relationship, but we are not ones to walk away when the going gets tough – we dig deeper, regroup and forge ahead. We do it for you and what you stand for; the freedom to choose plant based medicine and to reconnect with nature in order to be our best selves.

Thank you for the lessons you have taught us along the way:

Humility: We don’t do this alone, and we stand on the shoulders of those who came before us.

Community: Even though in some ways you are always the center of our attention, at the same time, it is not about you anymore; it is about the people we engage with and the relationships we build in your name. Thanks for bringing us together.

Patience: Breathe. Just breathe. This, too, shall pass. So many obstacles were overcome, and there are many more to go. We’ll get there together.

Humor: Haters gonna hate. Gotta laugh it off and turn the other cheek.

Through it all exists the beautiful reality that this relationship is just getting started. There is still so much to explore – we are only just now, holding hands.



Bridget’s Health & Wellness Picks:

Spoonful Herbals Self-Love Kits: Treat yourself this Valentine’s Day with these lovely, locally made herbal kits. Many of the herbs are grown right here in Burlington at the Intervale Community Farm. Special pricing is available for BIPOC customers.

Love Pipe in Dusy Pink from rompotodo

Herbal Aphrodisiacs Class at Railyard Apothecary: In-person, February 7th, space is limited. “Explore different herbs and self care practices that support pleasure and relaxation, and help one get into a sensual space. Herb tasting included.” Sounds good to me.

I love every item that Rompotodo makes, but this heart-shaped pipe and sweet trinket dish are perfect gifts for the one you love, any time of year.

In closing, I’d like to honor the life of Steven Foster, a champion of medicinal plants, who moved on suddenly last month at the age of 64. The sheer volume of his work in the herbal industry is a feat to behold. He has left behind a treasure trove of herbal wisdom and a spirit that keeps calling us back to nature. Thank you, Steven! May the road rise up to meet you and the wind be always at your back….

In Good Health,




Bridget Conry

Director of Brand Experience, CeresMED

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