CVD/SVW February Special: Winter Warming Massage Oil

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Our Winter Warming Massage Oil combines the synergistic, pain relieving 1:1 ratio of CBD & THC with the deeply warming and emotionally centering blend of rhododendron, sweet orange, cedar and ginger essential oils. Incorporated into a base of organic sesame oil, this massage oil is perfect for local applications to the feet, scalp and chest to bring calm, warmth and pain relief. Each 2oz bottle contains 50mg each of cannabis-derived CBD and THC. 

Dosing guide: 12 teaspoons of massage oil per bottle
1 tsp contains 4mg each CBD and THC

Ingredients: Organic, cold pressed sesame oil, cannabis extract and essential oils of rhododendron, sweet orange, cedar and ginger.

Sesame oil is regarded as the “King of Oils” in Ayurveda because of it’s wide range of uses, the ease with which it absorbs into the skin and its ability to transport soothing properties deep into the tissues. It is most beneficial when conditions are dry, making it an ideal choice as a daily moisturizing, nourishing and protective massage oil during Vermont winters. Great for skin, hair and scalp. At night, rub into the soles of your feet to promote healthy, restorative sleep patterns.

Rhododendron essential oil is a mild yet complex oil that acts as nervous system tonic. It combines soft, sweet floral notes with hints of conifer. As an aromatic, It supports relaxation by quieting mental activity and settling the emotions. Applied topically, it helps to reduce inflammation. Prominent terpenes: alpha & beta pinene and d-limonene.

Sweet orange essential oil has one of the most joyful qualities in the world of essential oils. It’s bright, sweet citrus and floral notes enhance mood & reduce worry. Gentle enough to be used topically for all ages. Avoid direct sun exposure after application as all citrus oils are phototoxic. Prominent terpenes: along with grapefruit essential oil, sweet orange has the highest concentration of d-Limonene. Alpha-pinene and myrcene also present in significant amounts.

Cedar essential oil is considered a sacred scent in many cultures. It is a primary ingredient in incense blends used during meditative practices. It brings courage to the heart and relaxes the nervous tensions of modern life. Applied topically It is gently warming and stimulating. Prominent terpenes: alpha & beta cedrene

Ginger essential oil is a deeply warming, restorative tonic with an affinity for the heart and digestive system. It counteracts feelings of exhaustion by stimulating the movement of stagnant chi within the body. Due to it’s potency, it must always be thoroughly diluted in any topical application. A little goes a long way. Prominent terpenes: zingiberene, myrcene, cineol and pinene

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