Core Empowerment

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Strength and integrity in the abdominal core are well known to be necessary for spinal, digestive and even mental & emotional health. It takes 21 days for the nervous system to fully embrace change. By the end of this series of four Monday classes, the transformation you experience will be the sweet reward which motivates you to continue. More info.

[message type=”custom” width=”100%” color=”#CCCCCC” border=”#C9C9C9″ color=”#333333″] Many approaches to building core strength only end up working on the surface layers of abdominal tissue. In order to strengthen the core at its deepest level you first must be able to locate and activate the tissues at that level. This workshop is designed to truly empower you with deeper neurological core connection. Some lecture will be given and information handouts will be provided to support your integration of these practices at home. Previous yoga experience is recommended.
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Photo Credit: © Laughing River Yoga

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